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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Launching our 2023 Christmas Challenge

Our 2023 Christmas Challenge is here, with the focus on this year being ‘The Greatest Gift’. Alongside our challenge we have also launched our NEW tree decoration for 2023, which is available to order now.

The Greatest Gift

Ask a child what the greatest Christmas gift is, and you’ll be sure to get a long list of incredible gadgets, toys and presents. However, the ‘greatest ever’ Christmas gift can’t be found on Amazon or even in an exclusive posh shop such as Harrods. Instead, the greatest Christmas gift of all time was given to us thousands of years ago in a cold, dark and basic stable.

This Christmas we’re encouraging our children and young people to spend time discovering the joy and hope that the birth of the baby Jesus brought to our world, and the gifts that are promised to all who welcome him. In response, we are then challenging groups to take on a ‘giving’ activity of their own, to help spread love, joy and hope within their communities this Christmas.

The Greatest Gift Resources

Here are some resources specifically designed to help children & young people to take on our Christmas Challenge, centred around ‘The Greatest Gift’.

Could you take on one or more of these with your group?

Get Involved: The Gift of Giving (All Ages) – Appreciate the gift of giving this Christmas with a community-based giving activity, helping to remind us all to spread joy & love this Christmas.

Get into the Bible: The Greatest Christmas Gift (Anchors & Juniors) – What’s the greatest Christmas gift you have ever received? What would be the perfect Christmas gift to be given this Christmas? Do any of those gifts match up to the greatest Christmas gift of all time, the baby Jesus?

Get into the Bible: The Greatest Christmas Gift (Company & Seniors)Is this Christmas the time to properly unpackage the ‘Greatest Christmas Gift’ and explore it more?  

The Greatest Christmas Gift Themed Programme (Anchors) – A themed programme aimed at Anchors, helping to explore the birth of Jesus and the incredible gift for the world, that his birth created.

‘The Greatest Gift’ Tree Decoration  

To go alongside our Christmas Challenge this year we have produced a tree decoration in the shape of a star. This tree decoration can be given to children, young people and leaders in recognition of completing a ‘Greatest Gift’ activity. Alternatively, these could just be handed out as gifts to your group this Christmas.

The 70mm acrylic decoration, priced at £2.25, comes complete with a ribbon/cord, allowing it to be hung on a Christmas Tree.

Our Greatest Gift tree decoration is only available as a pre-order, with all orders needing to be placed by 30th November 2023. The first batch of decorations will be mailed out to leaders from 28th November.

To order your tree decorations, please click HERE

Share what youre getting up to

If you’re taking part in the Christmas Challenge, then it would be great to see what you’re getting up to. Share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtags #BBChristmasChallenge #BBAdventure and #BoysBrigade