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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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What does the vision mean to you?

Tuesday 28th April 2020

The Boys’ Brigade has an incredibly powerful vision statement. For those involved in The Boys’ Brigade, we see these words comes to life on a weekly basis, and we get to see the happiness and fulfilment that young people experience when they live “life to the full”.

We recently took the time to ask two members of the Brigade Executive (our Trustees) the following question…

What does the vision mean to you?

Vicki Brownlee

Vicki is a member of the Brigade Executive, but is also Captain of 1st Howden Company and President of Yorkshire & Humberside District.

A: All young people are different.” This is a statement that means a lot to me. We hear young people referred to collectively on so many occasions, both good and bad, but it is the uniqueness and individuality of young people that draws me to working alongside them on a voluntary level.

The Boys’ Brigade provides fabulous experiences for young people, from the more traditional camps, competitions and learning an instrument to some one-off experiences like a visit to Buckingham Palace, a trip abroad or trying something completely new.

But what is experiencing “life to the full” (John 10:10)? I believe that experiencing life to the full is getting the best out of every situation, having wide-ranging experiences, being with friends and the BB/Church ‘family’ and being prepared to be an integral part of an ever-changing world.

If the BB is to provide these opportunities to all, it needs to ensure that it is delivering a varied and high-quality programme. I am proud to be part of the Programme Group, which is striving to deliver this for all age groups through the areas of Get Active, Get Adventurous, Get Creative, Get Learning, Get Involved and Get in to the Bible.

Young people are not the same and do not want the same, but they do all want a quality programme delivered to them in the BB so that they have the opportunity to experience “life to the full” – only we can offer this to them!

Robert Cunningham

Robert is a member of the Brigade Executive and also a leader in 4th Carluke Company.

A: The Boys’ Brigade has been a big part of my life for over 15 years now, and though I know that
pales in comparison to some of my fellow leaders, I pray I have made a difference in those 15 years. I still today count my Queen’s Badge as one of my life’s greatest achievements and nothing does my heart more good than seeing young people earn the award themselves. One of the highlights of my BB year is the Lanarkshire District Fellowship Queen’s Badge Completion Course.

Over recent months I have asked myself, “Robert, what would a life lived to the full look like?”. I believe it would be a life rooted in the Christian faith, having had an opportunity to make friends, learn useful life skills and contribute effectively and responsibly to society. It would be a life where questions are encouraged and answered, positive role models shine through and where we all strive to be happy, in the tender embrace of Christ. That, to me, is living one’s life to the full. To me, The Boys’ Brigade is poised perfectly to fulfil that aim for its young people (and its leaders).

“When The Boys’ Brigade works, it works well, and there is nothing better.”

We, as an organisation, must continue to ask ourselves those difficult questions, and more importantly listen for, and listen to, the answers. Times change, and the Brigade must continue to adapt and realise these changes, whilst staying true to our core principals. I am excited for the future as we do just that, and I am minded of a phrase I heard not long ago that has stuck with me – “When The Boys’ Brigade works, it works well, and there is nothing better”.

Let us know what our Vision means to you and send it in by email to newsdesk@boys-brigade.org.uk or share on social media using #LifetotheFull

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