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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Programme Review for Under 11’s

Friday 21st August 2015

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since the current Anchors’ and Juniors’ programmes were launched and the Brigade Executive determined that the work with this age group was due for review and advertised through the Gazette for interested persons to be involved.

The Group members are all experienced in working with this age group, but were keen that all of the membership was able to feed into the discussions and thus an online survey was conducted in January 2015 to review current provision and make suggestions for the future.

This is what you told us:

Who Took Part?

The 259 respondents came from a range of experience from both working with Anchors and Juniors and the different Regions were represented well. Generally respondents came from growing Companies and there were lots of examples of Anchors and Juniors working together on some activities (eg. Games, craft, trips etc).


Games and physical activities tended to take up the most time during the normal programme, with creativity a close second, and most respondents said the balance was structured in this way because of the enjoyment of the young people. Generally, respondents were happy that the current programme for Anchors and Juniors were not too similar, but making sure there was good progression within and across age groups was considered paramount for both the working group and for Companies.


Lots of great examples of Battalions offering competitive events were shared. Many respondents thought that there was room to develop more non–competitive events and to provide more for Anchors. Some respondents suggested Battalions could look to provide residential opportunities where Companies struggled to provide these themselves.


Most Companies said they spent some time outside during their programme, accessing local facilities or visiting points of local interest.


“I feel that the Juniors’ programme should reflect the ‘Adventure begins here’ theme and look to encourage outdoor activities.”

Rewarding Participation and Achievement

Over two–thirds of respondents thought that the current rewards structure was useful, but that there was room to develop the number of badges and to ensure that the rewards catered for the needs of all children and young people. An electronic recording system would be helpful.

Sharing Faith

The vast majority of Companies said they used other material to share and develop faith with their young people, especially Scripture Union material, other Sunday School material, as well as the Gazette resources. There were some great examples shared of Companies engaging their church in supporting activities and projects.



Half of respondents said their Companies offer Juniors a residential experience, some joining with other local Companies and/or other youth organisations. When asked if the current regulations prohibiting Anchors attending residentials should be amended or removed, about half of respondents were in favour. Those hesitant tended to think Anchors were too young and being able to attend sleepovers offered good progression when young people joined Juniors. It was appreciated that if there was to be any change to the regulations, then this would not be obligatory.

What Does The New Programme Need?

Lots of positive comments were received about the resources shared in the new Gazette format and wanted to see that continue. Seeing new craft and games ideas in the new programme was popular and encouraging sharing great practice through the Gazette was desired.

“Programmes are only as effective as the people delivering them.”

So What Happens Next?

The Brigade Executive has received reports from the Group and is supportive of the direction of travel. The Executive is keen that any branding relating to these age groups takes into account the progression into the over 11’s work. It is intended that the Over 11’s Group will start its review in the new session and the timeline for both pieces of work is that new materials and badges/rewards will be available for September 2017.

The Under 11’s Group will be making a presentation at Conference in September in Wolverhampton.


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