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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Active: Knee Tap

Thursday 23rd May 2019

This is really good fun warm-up game that can also be used as an ice-breaker. It’s best played without too much extra space, but one big enough to run around in, ensuring that there are no obstacles in the way.

The object is to try to tap the knee of your opponent without them tapping you first. Start by asking the group to split into pairs and explain the object of the game. Each player holds their own knees and faces their opponent – now you’re ready to get started!

Include some form of forfeit for those who lose – like five sit-ups, push-ups etc. Ask the participants to count the number of wins they get. Repeat the game a number of times, but don’t run it for too long – often less is more. See who won the most duels!

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