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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Changes to Leader Re-registration

Wednesday 21st August 2019

At present leaders are required to re-register every five years requiring the completion of a re-registration form. This has been the mechanism used to initiate a new disclosure check. Following the introduction of OBM we are no longer reliant on this process to trigger disclosure checks.

From 1st September 2019 it will no longer be a requirement for a leader to re-register every five years. This process will be replaced with a series of ‘milestones’ which leaders will need to complete in order to keep their registration active. The first of these milestones will be the five yearly disclosure check (where required) and we will be using the triggered emails and notifications through OBM to initiate these. As part of the new process, every 6 months leaders will be sent an automated email to remind them to review and update their personal details. Over time additional milestones may be added.

If you have any questions please contact the Support Team at BB Headquarters at support@boys-brigade.org.uk or 01442 231 681

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