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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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BE1 Ecumenical Course in Denmark

Tuesday 28th April 2020

In January myself and Thom Hammond, our new European Representative and a leader at 3 York attended the BE1 Ecumenical course which took place in Copenhagen in Denmark.

The course was organised by the European Fellowship of Christian Youth in conjunction with the Conference of European Churches and the Churches Together networks in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Roskilde. The course allowed us the opportunity to meet with other youth leaders and youth pastors from various denominations from across Europe, share the good work and challenges of working with children and young people within different churches, denominations, cultures and countries.

There were opportunities to visit several different Church denominations within Denmark and how they work within their communities and sample different worship styles including traditional, modern and Taizé. We also learnt more about how Churches and Christian youth groups can do more to be green and work towards the Global Goals.

Thom said:

“What an amazing weekend! Copenhagen was a beautiful setting and it was fantastic to meet so many wonderful people from so many countries. I have always had an interest in ecumenicalism, it is such an interesting subject and I couldn’t have learned about it any better way.”

“The course gave me the opportunity to meet a variety of Christians from across the globe and from all walks of life who were members of Churches that ranged from Orthodox traditional Churches to community based liberal Churches. It was a privilege to see the work that the Churches and participants undertake and the topics which were discussed throughout the course were very thought provoking! It also gave me the chance to experience new and different ways of worship and sharing faith and gave me the chance to share with others my own journey of faith and how the Brigade works with different denominations, especially looking at green Churches and how we can improve the effects of our footprint on God’s earth and how we can promote green Christian values.”

“Probably one of the most interesting parts for me was going to see a Vineyard Church and the work they undertake. Since attending the course, I have made plans to visit a Vineyard Church within my local area and have shared the experiences and learning I had with my own Company and Church.”

Thom will be assisting me in organising next year’s course which will be held in the UK. If you would like to take part, look out for the details which will be released in the new session. If you are taking part in any international exchange or event or would like more information on the many international opportunities available, please get intouch with Vaughan by email.

Vaughan Staples
Area Lead for International Affairs

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