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It’s important that we recognise the participation and achievements of our children and young people.

Please find the following resources to support you in recognising the achievements of children and young people.

Record and Information Cards

Certificates and Award Charts

There are both BB and BB/GA versions of the resources available, which can be downloaded and printed locally.

Printed versions of these can be purchased from BB Supplies.


You can find the full range of badges available from BB Supplies, you can order online through our Online Shop at shop.boys-brigade.org.uk.  Please note new Company and Seniors Awards will not be available to purchase until 1st January 2022.

Alternative Programming

We want to encourage leaders to continue to use the existing age groups awards, but also consider additional ways they could recognise participation and achievement, read on to find out more . . .

Continuing to work towards Age Group Awards

Participation in activities through Virtual Sessions and #BBatHOME programme will enable members to continue to work towards their age group awards (i.e. Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards in Juniors or Community, Recreation & Skills in Company).

All of the activities in these programmes are linked to an Activity Area for the Anchors and Juniors programmes, and for Company/Seniors, you should link activities (and relevant ‘Activity Areas’) to the appropriate ‘Programme Zone’ (i.e. ‘Get Active’ would directly link to ‘Recreation’ Zone and ‘Get Involved’ would directly link to ‘Community’ Zone in the Discover Programme).

Leaders will be able to record participation in activities completed as part of Virtual Sessions or Face-to-Face activities in the normal way, but where an activity is completed at home as part of the #BBatHOME programme leaders may look to seek evidence that a particular activity has been completed by asking for a photo/video/etc. Leaders can continue to record activities completed using the record card or recording keeping functionality on OBM.

The pandemic will have had an impact on the delivery of the programme and participation of members over the course of the 2019-20 and 2020-21 sessions and therefore leaders are encouraged to be flexible in their approach to recognising achievement. It may well be that you struggled to deliver a balanced programme, were not able to meet every week and/or some members were not able to engage in activities. This flexibility is at the discretion of the local Company based on the principle that no child or young person should lose out due to factors outside their control (i.e. could only participate in #BBatHOME activities as they didn’t have a suitable device to be able to connect to and participate in Virtual Sessions).

How will present awards this session? Consider how you organise your Annual Awards or Display and get awards out to members, read our blog on ‘Recognising Achievement this Session‘.

You can find full details of the award schemes for each age group: Anchors / Juniors / Company / Seniors

Whilst you are not meeting face to face you might want to ensure that young people still receive their awards when they gain them by presenting them digitally. To enable this to happen leaders can download images of all awards by clicking here (downloads a ZIP file). 


We have produced a range of certificates which can be used to recognise achievement, all are branded for the relevant age groups and feature the #BBatHOME logo are available to download below. The certificates have been produced so you can easily customise them yourself on screen in any compatible PDF software (i.e. Adobe Acrobat).

Download #BBatHOME Certificates: Anchors / Juniors / Company/Seniors

You can also download standard age group certificates as follows: 
Anchors Open Certificate Anchors GA Open Certificate / Juniors Open Certificate / Juniors GA Open Certificate

Points Competition

Another way of recognising achievement and encouraging participation in the programme is to run a points competition, this could be done in a variety of ways, including on a weekly or monthly basis, per age group or across the whole Company, etc. Be sure to share the updated points chart on a regular basis to keep children and young people engaged. You should also consider what prizes (if any) you will want to present, these could potentially be mailed out during the lockdown where appropriate or presented once you re-commence face-to-face meetings.


To support leaders in recognising achievement outside or in addition to the existing awards, BB Supplies has a range of #BBatHOME awards which can be presented to children and young people.

You can purchase Bronze, Silver and Gold medals featuring the #BBatHOME logo with a blue ribbon and also a #BBatHOME Trophy.

It will be up to leaders to decide how you present these, as there will be no set criteria, ideas we on how these could be used include presenting them for completing a specific number of activities (i.e. 10 activities = Bronze Medal, 20 activities = Silver Medal, 30+ activities = Gold Medal) or based on completing a percentage of activities – but it is up to you how you use these.

To order go to shop.boys-brigade.org.uk


We have introduced participation medals – Bronze for completing 50% of activities, Silver for 65% and Gold for 80%. We’ll be adding up the points throughout the whole time we are running #BBatHOME and then awarding the medals when we are able to meet again. On top of that, we will also present a trophy for each section for the boy who completes the most activities overall. Finally, we also have a weekly competition and small prize for each section. 

These encouragements have proved to be very popular with our boys and we are seeing over 40 boys taking part across all our age groups. Parents have commented that the boys are really appreciating having something positive to work towards during these uncertain times.

Joe Harrison, 11th Northampton