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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

‘Your Future’ Competition Winners

We’ve partnered with The University of Bolton to create the ‘Your Future’ Programmes for Company & Seniors. These programmes encourage Company & Seniors to identify and develop their own skills, consider their future goals/dreams and build their self-confidence and independence. 

As part of our ‘Your Future’ Programme with the University of Bolton, we are running some monthly competitions for Company & Seniors to take part in. Each competition has a monthly £50 prize to be won and our winners so far can be found below:

#YourFuture Snapshots

Awarded for the best photos posted on social media using the hashtag #YourFutureBB

Balloon Chair Challenge (Seniors)

The Balloon chair challenge requires Seniors to build a chair purely from Balloons and tape. A great test of teamwork, whilst also looking at developing transferable skills.

“The Seniors had a great time designing and making the chair. The chair was made within the 15 minutes (inc. blowing up the balloons). They showed some creative design by including a separate footrest. The chair took the weight of each team member.” David Hann, 10th Enfield

The Shelter Challenge (Company)

The Shelter Challenge involves Company members designing and building a shelter out of newspaper that can support its own weight and cover a team member.

“The Company age group enjoyed the shelter challenge, it challenged them to think about how a structure would stand by itself, but even more it helped them to think about how to work together and how they communicate as a group” Rachal Bunting, 1st Swansea Eastside  

Your Future Programme

It’s not too late to get involved with the Your Future Programme and to enter these competitions. Could you be one of next month’s competition winners and be awarded one of our £50 prizes? For more information about the programme click HERE