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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

140 Monopoly Challenge

700+ young people and leaders came together on Saturday 30th September to kick start our 140th anniversary celebrations, with our 140 Monopoly Challenge.

140 teams, made up of Company & Senior age groups, competed in London, Manchester, Glasgow & Aberdeen. Across five hours, they were challenged to visit as many of the Monopoly locations on their city’s board as they possibly could. This saw teams across the UK visit major landmarks and locations such as The Ritz, Old Trafford, Glasgow Cathedral, Marischal College, The Midland Hotel, Hamden Park, Nelson’s Column and many more!  

In addition to visiting the properties, teams were also tasked with ticking off photo challenges along the way, to earn additional points. Challenges included getting a selfie with a police officer, a photo with a ‘celebrity’, a group photo with Big Ben/Glasgow Central Station clock at 1:40pm exactly and the whole team off the ground.

After a day of racing around these four UK cities, the points were tallied up and the winners of each location were announced. Our congratulations go to 1st Lindfield (London), 1st Rainford (Manchester), 4th/5th Kilmarnock (Glasgow) & 1st Rosehearty (Aberdeen).

In addition to the four events that were organised by The Boys’ Brigade across the UK, other Companies took on their own versions of the event in several towns and cities including Leeds, Bath, Hull, Durham and Cheltenham.

Congratulations to all the young people who took part in this special challenge and helped to kick start our 140th celebrations.

Check out some of the photo highlights from an incredible day, in our gallery below.