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New Sections Starting in Buchan Battalion

Thursday 2nd August 2018

Two BB groups in the North-east of Scotland have launched new sections to meet increasing demand.

1st Rosehearty on the Moray Firth coast, near Fraserburgh, is launching a Junior Section to add to its popular Anchor Section which has been led by Lt Maria MacLennan. It has been many years since 1st Rosehearty had a Junior Section and Company Section, but now a group of BB officers from Buchan Battalion will restart the Junior Section and it is hoped that in time this will expand to include a Company Section. There has already been a great deal of interest in the new venture.

1st New Pitsligo currently has an Anchor and Junior section, led by Captain Stuart Pratt and OIC Elaine Mowatt, but with five boys promoted at the end of last session and two the previous year, the company has decided this is the year to launch a Company Section. This will be led by Andrew Kinnaird an existing leader and a former New Pitsligo boy, Lachlan McKenzie, along with Elliott Dobson who has volunteered to help.

Welcoming the news of the new volunteers, Duncan Leel, battalion President, said:

I’m delighted that in this day and age with all the hi-tech surrounding us we can still attract people to the BB and encourage them to pass on the skills they’ve learned to a whole new generation. It’s a very rewarding experience and a great organisation to be part of.”

Michael Strachan, who will lead the staff team at the new Rosehearty Junior Section, commented:

“Its quite exciting to start a new section – particularly stepping into the unknown! The good news is that the initial response to the return of the BB in Rosehearty has been welcomed by the community so we expect it to go from strength to strength!”


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