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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary



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Listening to young people

Wednesday 8th November 2023

The Boys’ Brigade has been working in partnership with Youthscape to explore the trends and pressures on the lives of young people today.

An Insight Report from this research was recently launched at an event at the Houses of Parliament, hosted by the Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, to celebrate our 140th anniversary.

The new report, Youth Culture and Trends, focuses on:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Identity, values and beliefs
  • Behaviours and lifestyles
  • Relationships
  • Education and the future
  • Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

This research will help to shape and inform the work of The Boys’ Brigade, including providing volunteer leaders with a resource to help ‘see’ young people and the worlds they inhabit with clarity and compassion.

Find out more and download the research at boys-brigade.org.uk/youth-culture-and-trends

Chris Curtis, Chief Executive of Youthscape, commented: “Working together with The Boys’ Brigade, our Centre for Research has conducted what I believe is the first post-pandemic analysis of how life is different for teenagers compared to a decade ago. It’s exhaustive, drawing from more than 90 pieces of published research.”

“Only organisations who are willing to listen to young people are likely to be regarded by them as having anything worth saying. That puts The Boys’ Brigade in a strong position going forward.”

Jonathan Eales, Chief Executive, added: “As well as giving thanks and celebrating our 140th anniversary, it is vital that significant moments like this, are as much about looking forward as looking back. There is so much we can learn from this report and about the challenges facing young people today, like loneliness, isolation and the impacts on mental health.”

“It’s also an important reminder that what our local groups do and what we offer young people within the BB is so important.”


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