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This outlines the expectations we have of our leaders in relation to their behaviours and actions. By following the Code of Conduct leaders will will ensure they always conduct themselves appropriately, doing the right things in the right way. 

A BB leader should always:

  • be a good role model with behaviour and an attitude that are in line with our object.
  • comply with all UK / RoI laws and safeguarding procedures.
  • make sure you follow Brigade policies and regulations and re-read them from time to time.
  • be responsible and accountable in the way you perform your role
  • ensure all BB finances are used for the correct purposes and properly accounted for
  • be fair and treat everyone with respect and dignity in accordance with our equal opportunities policy.
  • respect others’ privacy in line with our policies and guidance
  • communicate with others in an open and respectful way whether in person, by phone, writing or digital media
  • work together with other BB members, their parents/carers and members of the public to promote the work of the Brigade.
  • As a BB volunteer you must not act dishonestly, or do anything which brings (or is likely to bring) the Brigade into disrepute or have a negative impact on the Brigade or its reputation

What happens if a Leader does not follow the code?

If someone believes a leader has acted in a way that breaches this code they are entitled to let the Brigade know and the BB will investigate the compliant. If the leader has breached the code they may have their membership restricted or withdrawn.