Since the start of lockdown in March 2020 and the launch of #BBatHOME we have been providing alternative programming and this has evolved as the need has changed.

With national lockdowns and other restrictions as a results of the pandemic we expect there to be an impact to the way we are able to operate throughout the 2020-21 session. We are therefore continuing to make sure that we adjust our programme resources to provide as much support to leaders at this time.

Check out our NEW 4-Week Taster Programme for Virtual Sessions and #BBatHOME Programme.

You can find all our programme resources on the Programme Hub at including:

  • #BBatHOME– A library of 300+ activities for children and young people to try out at home supported by their parents/carers. Companies are encouraged to signpost and/or send these resources as part of a remote offering. 
  • Virtual Sessions– A library of 250+ activities designed for Virtual Sessions are available for leaders. These include activities for all age groups, across all 6 activity areas and have all been tried and tested as part of Virtual Sessions. We are continuing to add to this library of activities on a monthly basis and now adding ready-to-use videos and PowerPoint slides.
  • Face-to-Face (socially distanced) – A library of 200+ activities designed for face-to-face activities which need to maintain social distancing are available for leaders. These include activities for all age groups, across all 6 activity areas and we are continuing to add to this library of activities on a monthly basis.

Check out details of how you can join upcoming webinars and workshops as well as watch recordings of other previously run webinars at

If you have any questions or would like further support get in touch with the team at or call 0300 303 4454.

You can find more details of our programmes below…

#BBatHOME Activities

100’s of activities are available for children and young people to try out at home supported by their parents/carers. We have written and directed these resources specifically for children and young people rather than leaders, with notes for parents/carers on how to support their child and keep them safe. Where BB groups are not able to meet face-to-face or through Virtual Sessions we would encourage leaders to signpost or share the #BBatHOME activities.

We would encourage all leaders to read the Leaders Guidance, which provides more detail about what the #BBatHOME programme offers and will provide you with ideas about how you deliver the programme to members through their parents/carers.

Check out the #BBatHOME activities

Virtual Sessions

To support our #BBatHOME programme, we have put together guidance and resources to support leaders and young people to stay safely connected through ‘Virtual Sessions’ during this period. Using online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Facebook Live will enable leaders to maintain that all important regular engagement with children and young people during the challenging weeks and months ahead.

Check out the guidance along with programme ideas and other support on our dedicated Virtual Sessions page.

4-Week Taster Programme

As part of our continuing support for leaders, we are excited to launch a new 4-week taster programme which supports both Virtual Sessions and #BBatHOME programmes. The taster programme is designed to provide a fully resourced and structured programme over the course of a 4-week period, helping to provide you with everything you need to run an engaging, balanced and successful programme of activities for children and young people. The programme contains a mix of new and existing activities for all age groups along with ready-to-use PowerPoint slides, videos and guidance for leaders.

Check out the Taster Programme

Face-to-Face (Socially Distanced) Programme

To support our return to face-to-face activities, our programme team have been working hard to pull together activities which will support leaders in following the guidance to allow us to return safely. Please ensure that you follow the Stronger, Safer, Together Framework in planning for a safe return to face-to-face activities. You MUST have completed the local approval process as part of the framework before restarting.

Check out the Face-to-Face (socially distanced) Programme

Summer Adventures

We’ve put together a list of 20 activities for children and young people to have a go at over the summer. The Summer Adventures resource is available for both the Under 11’s (Anchors & Juniors) and Over 11’s (Company/Seniors) age groups.

Find out more and download the Summer Adventures resource.

Fundraising Challenge

As social distancing measures start to ease, we are starting to look at how we prepare for the session ahead and we would like to invite you to do the same, specifically looking at your fundraising needs. As part of this we’re launching our Fundraising Challenge! It will be a great opportunity to bring your group together virtually – not just children and young people but also leaders, parents/carers, Church members and the wider community. We hope it will not just raise vital funds, but also help to raise the profile of your group in the local community. To help, we’ve created a range of resources including social media graphics, a template sponsor form, template press release and editable certificates for you to use. 

For more information about how your group can get involved as well as resources and ideas to get you going, on our dedicated Fundraising Challenge page at

Running a #BBatHOME Camp

This year, thousands of children and young people will be missing out on the opportunity of going on a BB camp, residential weekend or night away. Help to fill that gap by running a #BBatHOME Camp instead. Giving members the opportunity to still take on challenges, have fun, make memories and strengthen their relationships at BB. 

Check out guidance, activity cards and more at

Recognising Achievement

It’s important that we recognise the participation and achievements of our children and young people as they get involved with #BBatHOME. In the first instance we want to encourage leaders to build this into awards children and young people are already working towards (where they are already a BB member) through the core programmes for age groups. But we also want to encourage leaders to consider additional ways they could recognise achievement.

Click here to find out more about recognising achievement including find out what Companies are already doing.