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Protecting the Natural World

Protecting the Natural World

What You’ll Need:

  • Varies Depending on Activity Chosen

Getting into the Activity

Get involved with heling to protect the natural world by taking on a project to help make a difference.

There are lots of ways in which we can make a difference to the natural world around us and help protect it. Below are some suggestions for ways to get involved, however any project which helps to make a difference can be completed. Young people should consider the below or come up with their own ideas and then take a vote on which project they would like to do.

Litter Pick: A simple way to help protect nature is to go out and do a litter pick. Litter not only makes our parks, forests and woods look unpleasant, but can also do great damage to animals and bugs that live in these environments too. Head out with a bag and try to collect as much rubbish as you can. Leaders will need to ensure the group have appropriate gloves etc and that only everyday litter is picked up (rather than items which might be dangerous).

Community Project: Have a conversation with your local council, nature reserve or similar and see if there are any projects you can get involved with. This might be helping to clean up your local park, plant flowers, volunteer an hour on a project or so on.

Campaigning: Is there a campaign you can set up and promote which would make a difference in your local area to protecting nature? Consider which problem you’d like to tackle and how a campaign could help. You could write letters, raise awareness, hold a fundraiser, contact a politician, take action or more.

Keeping Everyone Safe 

  • Activity MUST be supervised by a leader or parent/carer at ALL times.
  • A leader or parent/carer MUST assess risk before taking part.
  • A leader or parent/carer MUST ensure that current Government guidelines are followed at all times (including social distancing, travel etc).
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