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Nature Games

Nature Games

What You’ll Need:

  • Twigs, Stones, Seeds, Pine Cones etc

Getting into the Activity

Use natural items such as stones, twigs and leaves to play some classic games such as noughts and crosses or connect four.

Depending on the game(s) you wish to play, you’ll need a selection of stones, twigs and leaves (or other natural items). Once you have collected them, give the following games a try:

Noughts and Crosses: Set up a grid with twigs and then play noughts and crosses with your natural item. For example, stones could be noughts and leaves as crosses. Three in a row equals a win.

Connect Four: Set up or draw a large grid. It should be 7 boxes wide and 6 boxes high. Play as per normal connect four rules, but with natural items such as stones and leaves. 4 of the same items in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) equals a win.

Pick Up Sticks: Use a pile of twigs. Randomly drop the sticks onto the floor so they are all jumbled up. Take it in turns to try and remove one of the twigs from the pile, without moving any of the other twigs. If successful, try for another twig. However when another twig (apart from the one you are trying to pick up) moves, your turn is over and the next person should take their turn. Continue doing this until all the twigs have been removed. The person with the most twigs is the winner.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Both players should have a stone (rock), leaf (paper) and two twigs (scissors). Both players should stand back to back and select the object they want to play with. Count down from 3 to 1 and then both players should face each other and show the object they are playing. Play as per normal rock, paper, scissors rules. You could have a mini tournament or play winner stays on.

Keeping Everyone Safe 

  • Activity MUST be supervised by a leader or parent/carer at ALL times.
  • A leader or parent/carer MUST assess risk before taking part.
  • A leader or parent/carer MUST ensure that current Government guidelines are followed at all times (including social distancing, travel etc).
  • Shared equipment should be kept to a minimum and everyone should sanitise their hands before and after the activity.
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