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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Programme Update Spring 2023

Friday 9th December 2022

Welcome to our latest programme update, which contains news and reminders about our resourced activities for the coming term as well as signposting additional resources and opportunities to support your programme.

Spring 2023 Term

We are pleased to launch the Spring 2023 Termly Programme for all age groups, which will take us from January through to the end of April. 

The programme can be found online on the Programme Hub at:

We hope that the Activity Cards and Themed Programme Activity Cards now available, alongside the Programme Planners launched in October, will support you in running your programme as we head into the new year.

A reminder that all resources are now delivered online, with the option of subscribing to receive printed programme packs. You can subscribe to receive a printed copy of our programme resources each term, the cost is £17 per age group, per year (includes 3 termly packs).

To subscribe go to:

Planning for the Summer 2023 Term

The Programme Planners for the Summer 2023 term will be available on the Programme Hub for all age groups by the end of January. These will take us from May through to the end of August, to support you in your programme planning going forwards.

Your Future Programmes for Company & Seniors

It’s been great to see lots of Companies getting involved with our ‘Your Future’ programmes, in partnership with the University of Bolton.

As part of the programmes, we are running some monthly competitions for Company & Seniors to take part in. Each competition has a monthly £50 prize to be won and our first winners for each of the competitions are:

  • The Shelter Challenge (Company)
    1st Swansea Eastside (October)
  • Balloon Chair Challenge (Seniors)
    10th Enfield (September), 2nd Bath (October) 
  • Your Future Snapshots
    1st Ponteland (September), 1st Alford (October)

If you haven’t started using the resources yet, have a look at planning these in during the Spring or Summer terms.

Find out more at:

Programme Webinars 

Join us for our regular Programme Updates on Zoom. These are an opportunity to catch up on all things programme related, the HQ Team will share the latest updates on the programme and what’s coming up on the Programme Planner over the next month or so.

We will also have a range of guest speakers joining us to share something about their charity or organisation and how BB groups can get involved.

Our next webinars are taking place on: 

  • Monday 9th January at 7pm
  • Monday 6th February at 7pm
  • Monday 6th March at 7pm

If you cannot join us for the webinar, you can always catch up by watching recordings available online.

Register to attend or watch now at:

Spring 2023 Snapshots

A look at some of the Activity Cards and Themed Programme Activity Cards in the Spring 2023 Programme. Remember you can access all the resources online at: boys-brigade.org.uk/programme

Me & My Feelings 
In an average day, we can experience a wide range of feelings, from happy and excited to sad and upset. Explore these feelings and how we might handle them. Link to Children’s Mental Health Week (6th to 12th February).  

David & Goliath 
David may have been small, but he didn’t let that stop him. Find out more about this heroic Bible story and how we can defeat the giants in our lives too. 

BB Around the World
The Boys’ Brigade has thousands of members all around the world, including in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. Take a trip around the world finding out more about how BB differs from country to country.  

Kings & Queens of Britain 
With a new King to be crowned in May 2023, take a look back at Britain’s most famous Kings and Queens with a series of challenges, games and crafts to get involved with. 

Emoji Bible 
What if famous Bible stories were told using emojis? Which emojis would you use to sum up a well-known parable? How would you describe your faith journey in just three emojis?  

No-one chooses to be homeless, but sadly thousands of people across the UK face the difficulty of not having a place to call home. Explore this problem in more detail and look at ways we can all support those in need.

The Dream Team 
A good team is made up of team members who all bring something useful to the table. Consider who would make your ‘Dream Team’ and what skills you’d want. 

Me & My Money 
Budgets, debt, bank accounts, interest rates and the world of money can seem quite daunting. Develop some valuable money skills with this themed programme.

Activity Sheets 

We have a range of additional Activity Sheets on the Programme Hub including puzzles, wordsearches, crosswords, colouring and spot the difference sheets. These are ideal as an arrival activity or a quick five-minute filler between activities. 

Find the Activity Sheets at:

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