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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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7th Dublin

Friday 29th July 2022

Members of 7th Dublin got involved with the “Climb for Charlie” Challenge, which was initiated by Charlie Bird in aid of Motor Neurone Disease and Pieta House Charities.

They organised a “Family Climb” up the Big Sugar Loaf Mountain, with around 30 young people, leaders, parents/ carers and siblings taking part in the challenge. They used two different routes up, one more challenging than the other and constructed a banner showing the BB on it.

After discussing the effects of the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine during one of their regular meetings, members were able to simulate what it is like to live in the conditions of a war-torn country using their Church basement. They built anti-tank “hedgehogs”, as seen on TV, and demolished the imaginary “tanks”. They simulated building barricades, lifting an estimated total of over 1000kg between them and they were allocated very meagre rations of only very bare essentials.

After thinking about where they would cook, live and sleep they “escaped” back upstairs, and took time to think and pray about the experience they had just had, with four young people reading aloud the “Prayers for Ukraine” which are currently being used throughout the Brigade.

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