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Fraserburgh BB Company joins Challenge to Clean Ocean

Friday 7th September 2018

1st Fraserburgh company, The Boys’ Brigade (BB), one of three BB companies in Fraserburgh, has begun a fundraising campaign to purchase a seabin for Fraserburgh Harbour. The submerged bins collect waste 24 hours a day using a pump to suck rubbish from the sea surface. Once full, the bins can be emptied and the plastic waste recycled.

The bins catch everything floating in the water, such as plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, and detergent, but not fish, as they don’t go close enough to the sea surface to be pulled in. They then pump the clean water back into the sea, making a massive difference to the levels of pollution in our waters.

The Boys Brigade Company, which is based at the Old Parish Church centre is hoping to raise £3000 to buy a seabin and have made a great start, already raising over £1000 in a few months.

Warrant officer in the Company section, Ryan Clark, said:

“We wanted to do a fundraiser for something a bit different, hence the choice of the seabin. It was originally suggested through our presidents badge boys’ meeting by warrant officer Grant Duthie, who also volunteers for the local Lifeboat crew, and it went from there.

“It’s now a company section goal to raise the money through various fundraisers, such as coffee mornings, sponsored sports challenges and other events. Originally our plan was to raise the money over a couple of years but with the speed that we’ve raised funds already we hope to have it done in maybe over a year or so.”

The boys choose a charity every year to support with the money they get at their Display evening.

Marc Thomson, Officer in the Company Section added:

“The Company section boys are leading the campaign by helping to plan, organise and run the fundraisers and it will count as part of their badge-work.”

A meeting with the Harbour Master has taken place already and the reaction has been very positive. Fraserburgh Harbour had already been looking in to purchasing seabins and several areas within the harbour have already been identified.

Keep track of news and more from The Boys’ Brigade in North East Scotland on its dedicated facebook page.



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