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Fearless & Crime

Wednesday 8th February 2023

The Boys’ Brigade has partnered with Fearless (part of Crimestoppers) to produce a ‘Fearless & Crime’ activity card aimed at the Seniors age group (14-18 years).

Fearless is the dedicated youth service from the independent charity Crimestoppers. The new activity card encourages young people to explore a series of scenarios and discuss what someone might do in each situation as well as think about the consequences of some of the choices being made. It follows this by introducing the Fearless crime reporting system and shares more about how it works.

Our Chief Executive, Jonathan Eales, said:

“It’s great to be working in partnership with Fearless to produce a new resource for our Seniors age group. This activity card aims to raise awareness of an important service that was developed through consultation with young people, which aims to break down any barriers that might prevent young people from reporting crime.”

Leaders can access the ‘Fearless & Crime’ resources via our Programme Hub.

For more information about the Fearless crime reporting service please visit fearless.org

If you are a BB leader running the activity, be mindful that this may lead to disclosures from young people. It is important that any disclosures made to you are followed up through BB Safeguarding procedures. For more information visit boys-brigade.org.uk/safeguarding or contact the Safeguarding Manager at BB Headquarters by emailing safeguarding@boys-brigade.org.uk


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