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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary



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Celebrating our leaders: Cynthia’s story

Friday 30th September 2022

The Boys’ Brigade has over 10,000 volunteer leaders across the country who support children and young people to learn, grow and discover. Over the course of 2022 we are going to share some of their stories each month as we celebrate our amazing leaders.

Meet Cynthia

Cynthia Thompson is Leader-in-Charge of the Anchors age group at 1st Dungiven in Northern Ireland. She is a former Captain of the group, serving in that role for over 10 years, and is also currently the Secretary of Londonderry Battalion.

Why did you become a BB leader? 

Coming from a small congregation there was a request for new leaders or a risk of the group closing. I felt called to join the BB and support the ongoing work amongst the children and young people in our community.

What is your highlight of your time in BB so far?

My proudest moments come from working with the children and young people themselves in the various events, whether that has been from winning a Battalion Anchors Scripture competition or participating in a display event.

It also gives me great satisfaction to watch young people progressing on from their President’s Badge to their Queen’s Badge. We also had two members who undertook KGVI Youth Leader Training and one went on to become a full-time leader.

It is a great privilege to watch the growth of individuals when they join as Anchors right through to Seniors and beyond.

What do you do when not at BB?

I work in the Encompass programme within the NHS, which is involved in the build and implementation of a new computer system for the health service. I live in the countryside enjoying walking and spending time with my dog. I enjoy my escapes to my apartment in Portstewart and continue service within Dungiven Presbyterian Church as a Sunday School Teacher.

How would you describe the BB in three words? 

Faith, fellowship and enjoyment.


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