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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary



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Blog: “The BB is making a real and lasting impact.”

Wednesday 19th December 2018

As we approach not only the end of 2018, but also Scotland’s ‘Year of Young People’, Director for The Boys’ Brigade in Scotland, John Sharp reflects on the last 12 months and shares his hopes for the year ahead.

The year has flown by and suddenly we are half way through December! How did that happen?

2018 was designated by the Scottish Government as the ‘Year of Young People’ and I’m glad to see how much BB has embraced this national themed year. We have celebrated the achievements and the contribution of young people in our country, and it has made it a very special year.

Of course as we have said many times during the 2018, every year should be a year to celebrate and recognise what young people can achieve.

It’s difficult to pick out just one or two highlights from the year (see our video review for some of them). I may only have been Director for Scotland for a relatively short time, but it has been so rewarding to see some of the young people I have been fortunate to work together with grow and develop. Our new partnership with the Church of Scotland Guild is titled ‘Faith in Young People’ and I think this not only captures our Object, but also the fact that we have faith in young people’s ideas, abilities and contribution. I have been inspired so many times over the last 12 months by our young people – at a BB camp, the KGVI Youth Leadership course, Youth Voice 18, Brigade Conference, Queen’s Badge presentation and Juniors Sleepover to mention only a few.

We can also be proud that this year marks 135 years of the Brigade working with children and young people in Scotland. The BB has a rich heritage and history, but also one full of ambition and innovation. Whilst it is important to mark achievements and milestones, we should always be considering how we engage a new generation of young people – and also the wider community. We all have different ways of describing the BB. We all have different stories to share of what the BB means to us and why we are part of the BB family. I have found the three words of Learn, Grow and Discover to be effective in conveying what we do on a weekly basis with the young people whose lives we are a part of.

As we go into another year of young people, I hope that we may we be confident and bold in who we are as an organisation, what we are doing and why we are doing it. To each and every individual young person, The BB is making a real and lasting impact.

My hope and prayer for the new year is that we all continue to learn, to grow and to discover.

Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a peaceful 2019.

John Sharp is Director for Scotland for The Boys’ Brigade. You can follow him on Twitter: @JohnBBscotland

2018 in Review – The Boys’ Brigade in Scotland from The Boys’ Brigade on Vimeo.



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