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Wonky Donkey

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Get Active: Wonky Donkey

Age Group: Anchors

Time: 10 Minutes

Preparation Needed: Ready to Go

What You’ll Need:

  • No Equipment

Getting into the Activity:

Children should sit in a circle, well spaced out and following social distancing where required. One child is nominated to sit in the middle and close their eyes, their role is to find the donkey. Another child is chosen to be the ‘donkey’.

The donkey should stand up say ‘wonky donkey’ and then sit down. This wakes up the donkey who has 2 or 3 guesses to guess who the donkey is.

If the donkey is found, they become the new person to sit in the middle. If the donkey isn’t found then they have escaped and the person in the middle should stay in the middle for the next round.

To make the game more difficult the child speaking can use different voices to disguise their voice, move position in the room before talking so they aren’t talking where they would be sitting or can whisper.

This game is great for developing voice recognition, learning names and being creative.


Keeping Everyone Safe

Where required, please ensure social distancing throughout the game. A wide circle is recommended to help with this.

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