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Numbers and Actions

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Get Active: Numbers and Actions

Age Group: Anchors

Time: 10 Minutes

Preparation Needed: In the Cupboard

What You’ll Need:

  • Dice

Getting into the Activity:

A game which tests memory recall in an active and fun way.

Split the group into small teams of up to 4 per team. Sit the children in their teams around the room (socially distanced where required).

Before playing you’ll need to allocate an action to each number on the dice. So for example:

1 – Star jumps

2 – Run on the spot

3 – Dance

4 – Tap your head & rub your belly

5 – Spin around 5 times

6 – Run around the room

Share the numbers and actions with the group, encouraging them to listen to them all and try to remember them.

To play, each team will need to nominate one player to play each round. They should stand up to indicate it is them who is playing. A leader should roll a dice and call out the number shown. The player in each team should then do the appropriate action for the number. If they can’t remember it, then their team can help them out by reminding them of the action. The first team to remember the action and do it, get a point for their team. After each round, change the nominated player in each team and roll the dice again. Continue playing and the team with the most points at the end is the winner.

To make the game more difficult, change some of the actions every few rounds to keep the children on their toes. Children could help with this by suggesting new actions.


Keeping Everyone Safe

Maintain social distancing where required.

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