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BB Mums – Julie from 3rd Trafford

Sunday 11th March 2018

Please say a little about your family

I have three children Erin (12), Haydn (11) and Ollie (8).

What about your journey as a BB leader?

I have been involved with BB as a leader for 28 years, but as a child attended BB camps as my Dad was the Captain and my Mum was an Officer. Both my sons attend BB and my daughter is a member of the Girls Brigade. Even my husband has become involved as the Camp cook. So it’s definitely the family business!

Why do you volunteer with The Boys’ Brigade?

I enjoy being a Leader and have seen many young people move through the Company. It’s good to give the young people opportunities to try new experiences that they may otherwise might not get the chance. Memories of BB will always stay with members and lots of the values they gain will help them in future life. I am lucky enough to see my own Children gain from this.

How does being a mum influence your role as a BB leader?

Being a Mum helps me treat all young people who attend BB as I would like my children to be treated, with care and respect, giving parents the reassurance they need when leaving their children with others.

And…if it ever happens(!?), what do you like to do in your spare time?

In my rare spare time I enjoy outings with my family – camping and walking.

Julie Taylor-Jones is Officer in Charge of Junior Section at 3rd Trafford Company.

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