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The Answer’s Out There

Tuesday 26th January 2016

For this issue we asked the following...

“Does your Company have much involvement with your local school? Do you have links with the Head teacher? Lead school assemblies? Actively recruit through the school?”

In response to this a number of leaders have shared their thoughts.

“A good idea is to ask schools whether they have space for information stalls at parents’ nights. One of our three local primary schools regularly does that and, with high footfall, it can be a very good chance to connect with parents and show them what you do. Good to have some boys in uniform at your stall as well, so the parents (and children who often come along too) can see that their peers already attend. This can also work well at secondary schools and we have been invited to have a stall in the foyer of a school at lunchtimes to raise awareness of the organisation.”

Fraser Boyd, 25th Stirling (Dunblane)

We have some good links with schools across Witham, having undertaken assemblies to support recruitment into the Company. This has developed further in the last 12 months, as in January 2015, we joined together with ‘Christian Youth Outreach Witham’ which carries out schools work, with us now managing three part time workers across both primary and Academy schools in Witham. Our workers go into school lessons and assemblies to bring a Christian approach to RE, personal development and other national curriculum projects. The workers also have input into our BB programme and special events, so the identity and link is strong. You can find out more about our Schools Department on our website at:

John Boon, 2nd Witham

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