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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary



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1st Troon are Champions

Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Congratulations to 1st Troon who were recently awarded Grade 4B World Pipe Band champions.

The World Pipe Band Championships were held earlier this month in Glasgow with over 40,000 spectators at the event. 

Chris Bone, a leader at 1st Troon: “It’s remarkable as like so many bands, we’ve lost a lot of players through age and various other reasons over the last two years. And with Covid we weren’t doing any teaching for almost a year. In January we didn’t even know if we would have enough players to make it out. The commitment the young people have shown has been incredible sometimes having four practises a week.”

Chris added, “It feels amazing! This is ultimate prize you can win in Pipe Bands and to win it with a group of young people who have all been taught from absolute beginners in the band and are still members of The Boys’ Brigade makes it all the more special.”


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