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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

We have suspended our normal termly programming due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with alternative programmes being provided for face-to-face (socially distanced) and virtual session activities.

From September 2020 through to July 2021 our programme resources will be published monthly with resources for both face-to-face (socially distanced) and virtual session activities.


Termly Programme Resources

Access Activity Cards and Themed Activity Cards online – These are all available in Online Brigade Manager (OBM) within youth sections by going to ‘Programme’ and ‘Activities’. You can search based on activity titles, activity areas and keywords using the ‘tag search’. Where there is a worksheet to support an activity indicated on the Activity Card you will also find the downloadable worksheets available to download. Go to obm.boys-brigade.org.uk

View the Programme Planners – view or download:
Anchors Autumn 2019 / Juniors Autumn 2019
Anchors Spring 2020 / Juniors Spring 2020
Anchors Summer 2020 / Juniors Summer 2020

Find out more about the programmes and awards – view or download:
Anchors Information / Anchors Awards
Juniors Information / Juniors Awards

View the Award Armband Layouts:
Anchors Awards Layout
Juniors Awards Layout

Download the Record and Information Cards:
Anchors Record Card / Juniors Record Card
Information Card (to record personal details across all age groups)

Download Certificates and Award Charts:
There are both BB and BB/GA versions of the resources available, which can be downloaded and printed locally. Printed versions of these can be purchased from BB Supplies.
Anchors Open Certificate / Juniors Open Certificate
Anchors GA Open Certificate / Juniors GA Open Certificate
Anchors Promotion Certificate / Juniors Promotion Certificate
Anchors GA Promotion Certificate / Juniors GA Promotion Certificate
Anchors Award Chart / Juniors Award Chart

Purchase Awards/Badges – All of the awards can be purchased online through BB Supplies at shop.boys-brigade.org.uk.

Purchase additional programme resources – you can purchase a single  Termly Pack of Activity Cards for each age group and additional programme storage boxes (including dividers) and resources from BB Supplies at shop.boys-brigade.org.uk/resources/programme/