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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness



Stage 1 – Taster (Approximately 1 hour overall time)

  • Consider different ways fitness can be measured (i.e. heart rate, muscle strength, running times, flexibility, blood pressure, balance, mental health etc).
  • Take on some different challenges / activities to measure different types of fitness levels of individuals / the group.
  • Understand how to safely ‘warm-up’ for exercise and how to ‘cool-down’.
  • Complete a 20-minute fitness challenge (i.e. a run, circuit training, cardio exercise etc).


Stage 2 – Beginner (Approximately 3 hours overall time)

  • Complete and gain Stage 1
  • Consider different factors that positively and negatively impact our health. (Positive – exercise, healthy eating, getting outdoors. Negatively – energy drinks, lack of sleep, inactivity, excessive screen time etc).
  • Look into one of the negative health factors in more detail (i.e. excessive screen time)
  • Create an honest food log over 7 days to monitor your intake of food and drink. Afterwards review the log and discuss any observations such as positives, negatives, surprises etc.
  • Set some targets for the next 7 days on improving your food and drink intake. Keep a log and compare the two weeks.
  • Take on a short series of exercise challenges over three sessions, with the aim of improving over time. (e.g. Bleep test, circuit training, progressive runs etc).


Stage 3 – Developing Skills (Approximately 6 hours overall time)

  • Complete and gain Stage 2
  • Explore a different negative health factor (i.e. energy drinks).
  • Understand calories and how to stay within your calorie limit
    • Explore how many calories are in everyday food items.
    • Explore how exercise can burn calories and how much exercise is needed.
    • Monitor your calorie intake over a week.
    • Use a BMI / calorie calculator to work out how many calories you should be eating in a day (https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-weight/bmi-calculator/)
    • Create a 7 day food plan that aims to stay within the calorie limit for each day.
  • Complete a pre-existing 6 week (or similar) fitness programme that aims to meet a fitness goal (i.e. increased fitness, stamina, strength etc). The goal should be measurable, with results taken at the beginning, middle and end of the programme. Examples include planned circuit training, couch to 5K, gym sessions, YouTube workouts etc.


Stage 4 – Independent (Approximately 12 hours overall time)

  • Complete and gain Stage 3
  • Run at least one 20 minute fitness session for others (i.e. BB members in a different age group) that aims to get them active and also briefly explains the benefits of being fit.
  • Create your own fitness programme that covers at least 10 different sessions. The programme should be progressive with the aim of reaching a desired fitness goal at the end. Complete the programme yourself or run it with others. Results should be measured afterwards and evaluated.
  • Produce a fitness log during the 10 week fitness programme. The fitness log should cover how each session went, how you are supporting the fitness programme (i.e. diet, other forms of exercise etc), the impact it is having on your physical and mental health and an evaluation at the end of the programme.


Notes for Leaders

  • Please note times are indicative to encourage progression as young people go through the awards and reflect the criteria set.
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