What is JASS?

Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) is a progressive learning programme for young people designed to recognise wider achievement, with a key aim of addressing the challenges of the transition from primary to early secondary school.  The award can be used at either level as well as with wider age groups in Additional Support Need settings. The objectives of the JASS programme are aligned with the wider learning objectives of the Curriculum for Excellence, The Outdoor Challenge, and the National Curriculum.     JASS website

JASS develops the whole individual by offering recognition in four key areas:

  1. My Interests– developing an interest or learning a new skill
  2. Get Active, Stay Active– taking part in sport and physical activity
  3. Me and My World– contributing to the local community
  4. Adventure– outdoor activity and learning, including team work and problem solving

The award is designed so that participants move through the levels with increasing time commitment, learning, and personal challenge. Bronze (P6/P7), Silver (P7/S1), Gold (S1/S2)

Why JASS?  – The benefits: 

  • Bridges Junior section into Company section, aiding retention
  • Aligns with the current BB programme materials and activity zones
  • Can be used as a lead into major awards – Presidents Badge, Queens Badge and Duke of Edinburgh
  • Involves a commitment from the young person, their parents and the BB leader
  • The young person reflects on the activity or event by sharing what they have learned in text and picture
  • The award is self-accredited and is evidence-based    
  • View this video introduction

Where can I order the Packs? How much does it cost? 

There are different prices depending whether you opt for the booklet or the online version.  All the details are available here.

Who to contact?

To find out more or if you have any questions, please e-mail: admin@jasschools.org.uk or call JASS directly  – 0131 467 4753