David Kong - 65th Edinburgh companyDavidKongProfile

Last year, I represented The Boys’ Brigade at the “Ask the First Minister” event and realised the importance of making sure that the opinions of our young people and leaders are heard. Having stayed in The Boys’ Brigade as a boy until the end and achieving my Queen’s Badge, I have made many of my best friends and had many amazing experiences in The Boys’ Brigade. Now, I want to continue my involvement with The Boys’ Brigade and give back as much as I can by representing our young people in the Scottish Youth Parliament. I believe I have the experience and the skills necessary to be able to champion all our voices in the Scottish Youth Parliament.

The 3 issues that matter to me the most:

  • Youth work
  • Education
  • Health and Well-being

As an MSYP, I will conduct various national surveys for our young people across Scotland and use various forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and the BB Website to engage with members of our organisation and Young Leaders to find out what matters to people the most. However, it is crucial for an MSYP to speak to young people so that experiences and thoughts are shared with each other. To achieve this, I will lead presentations at our Queen’s and President’s Badge skills-based training courses and residential events as these allow our young people from across Scotland to connect. In addition, I will organise talks and visit BB companies. As it is the first time our organisation will have an MSYP, I am happy to listen to your ideas and take the initiative to plan events so that I can represent us all to the best of my ability.

Through volunteering and taking part in events with The Boys’ Brigade, I have developed the skills required to be a MYSP and I will aspire to make the most of my time as an MSYP for The Boys’ Brigade. Last year, I was elected as Head Boy at Currie High School and enhanced my crucial leadership, communication and organisational skills. Through the organisation of various committees and successful events, I have actively taken part in debate and worked as a team with a range of different people from pupils to staff to members of the community representing their views. I am a confident speaker and have featured on STV news as part of my role as Head Boy. I am currently employed as a badminton coach in various schools across Edinburgh and enjoy sharing my knowledge in creative ways to support the development of young people. The events I have organised through these roles have received lots of positive feedback. I am open, friendly and approachable and am passionate to ensure all our opinions are heard. Together, our views and voices will be unified.

David Kong for MSYP from The Boys' Brigade on Vimeo.

John Paterson - 3rd Kilsyth company DSC_0328

I want to be an MSYP to be a voice for the young people in our organisation and to represent your opinions and views. The young people in our organisation deserve a strong voice and I believe I am that voice. I am a primary school teacher and Officer In Charge of a Junior Section who works hard to develop the young people in this country. This involves having a loud voice and I want to be your loud voice within the Scottish Youth Parliament.

As a teacher, closing the attainment gap is a priority in my working life and is an issue close to my heart. This issue is a current priority for the Scottish Government and I want to ensure everyone is doing their bit to close the attainment gap. Mental health within young people is an issue that matters most to me and I hope to take your ideas and opinions to the Youth Parliament on how to provide support to people who may have issues with their wellbeing. Another issue that matters to me is Child Poverty and how we as a country can address what is happening. I hope to work as your MSYP with your support and information on how we all can tackle this issue ensuring our children are being given the best start and development in life.

The main form of communication today is social media and I intend on consulting with the young people in The Boys’ Brigade in this way. I will be accessible to the young people through Facebook and Twitter with a dedicated email address where I can be reached. I aim to reply within two days ensuring a quick and effective response to whatever you may need. Another method of communication will be to attend Queen’s Badge courses and KGVI Leadership Courses where you will be able to talk face to face about the issues concerning or affecting you. I want to be a face and a voice that you can trust to contact in faith that you will be heard and represented. I will listen and I want to listen to you.

You should vote for me as I will be a strong voice for the young people in The Boys’ Brigade, standing and representing you in the Youth Parliament. I am confident, hard working and dedicated in working for the young people in The Boys’ Brigade. I aim to ensure that your voices, issues and opinions are heard and are being represented. The young people in The Boys’ Brigade are the future and if I can help you in anyway, vote for John Paterson.

John Paterson for MSYP from The Boys' Brigade on Vimeo.

heatherHeather Sinclair, 1st Forth company

I want to be a member of the SYP because I believe that young people are the game changers in modern politics. 16 and 17 Year olds may have been given the vote in Scotland, but because many young people don't understand politics are voice go unheard.  However coming from a household where politics is regularly discussed I feel I have knowledge to help those who don't fit understand have there voices heard. Another reason I want to be an MSYP is to be a positive role model for young girls as only 34.9%   Are female however we make up over 51% of the population. So I want to prove that girls can succeed in politics and what a better way to do that then to elect one of the BB Girls' Association members, as the movement, like politics is still majority male.

Three top issues that matter to me are:

  • Learning Disability awareness
  • Faith in schools
  • Gender equality

As we are a national organisation and as there are many companies in both urban and rural areas, I believe that social media will be my main point of contact. I have plenty of experience of social media being admin of my companies Twitter account and co admin of the Facebook page. I would also send out my contact details to each company and Battalion to insure that everyone would be able to contact me if they needed to

Being a member of a company with a girls' association I am able to connect with both girls and boys and I am approachable by all ages. I can also identify with those who have additional needs as I, myself, have ASD and ADHD. I am also helping to promote my company as an all inclusive company where all are welcome no matter their abilities.


BB Election

Unlike the majority of the country (which voted earlier this year), the BB election will take place during the whole of next week from 7am on Monday 12th June until 7pm on Sunday 18th June.  (Our election is later as the BB has only recently been welcomed as an SYP National Voluntary Organisation.)

Our election will take an ‘electoral college’ format, meaning that each company, senior and young leaders’ section in Scotland will have an ‘elector’.  The elector will vote for the candidate based on the views of the young people in their particular age group section.  The two candidates with the most votes will be elected to the Scottish Youth Parliament.

(Young Leaders section refers to the BB young leaders aged 18 – 25 in a company.)

Voting will take place online and results will be announced on Monday 19th June at noon.

Every captain or correspondent will be emailed with full voting instructions and a link for the Elector representing the relevant sections.  (This link can also be accessed by emailing niall.rolland@boys-brigade.org.uk )