Residentials Guidance for Scotland

Updated: 27th May

Based on the Youth Work guidance issued by the Scottish Government from the 1st June – indoor and outdoor residential youth work activity may recommence subject to the following:

  1. The expectations before delivery are in place, including an appropriate risk assessment – see our template Covid-Ready Risk Assessment for Residentials
  2. They may only take place when virus prevalence is equivalent to Protection Levels 0, 1 and 2 at both the originating authority (where your Company is based) and destination (where you are going on your residential). Companies may travel through areas subject to higher protection levels but should make every effort not to stop in a higher level area. If you are unsure of which level an areas is in you can use this postcode checker >>
  3. Your maximum group size will be in line with the numbers for youth work determined by local authority Protection Level – see Coronavirus Update Page
  4. Single youth work organisation occupancy only on a site.
  5. Please follow travel guidance as highlighted in the latest Scottish Government Guidance (page 16 & 17) – see Guidance
  6. Covid-19 protocols are maintained during the residential (2m physical distancing, use of face coverings, and hygiene/cleaning).
  7. Individuals sleeping in either single rooms indoors or single person tents outdoors.
  8. Washing and toilet facilities reserved for single person use at any one time.
  9. Enhanced cleaning in between visits.
  10. All usual Brigade regulations and policies should be followed including Residential Notification form which MUST be submitted to BB Headquarters at least 14 days before. BB Headquarters may request a copy of the completed risk assessment.

If you have any questions please contact our Support Team on 0300 303 4454 or email

For more details on our Operating Status and guidance see our Coronavirus Update Page