Every year the nation unites to make sure that no-one is forgotten and to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom.

As we head towards Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday, we recognise that things will be different this year, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, we would normally be preparing to meet together on Remembrance Sunday in our respective Churches for a service and/or joining with our communities to participate in public parades or services at local war memorials.

Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to do what we have always done, with the majority of public parades and services being cancelled or taking place with restricted numbers or virtually.

Our focus needs to be on ensuring we keep our young people and leaders safe and look at exploring other ways in which we can ensure that remembrance is part of our programme over the coming weeks whether you are meeting face-to-face, through virtual sessions or by sharing #BBatHOME activities.

We have put together a range of programme ideas that you could use:

  • Download and print out a Colour-in Poppy from Royal British Legion or Poppy Scotland for children to colour-in and display at home to show their support of the Poppy Appeal.
  • Mark remembrance by creating Remembrance Rocks for children and young people to leave in their community, for others to find using our activity card (suitable for Anchors/Juniors/Company) – download Face-to-face Activity Card or #BBatHOME Activity Card
  • Build a giant poppy, a symbol of remembrance, using everyday objects following our Poppy Building activity card (suitable for Anchors/Juniors) – download Virtual Session Activity Card or #BBatHOME Activity Card
  • Create a Poppy Wreath as a group at a face-to-face meeting following our activity card (suitable for Anchors/Juniors).
  • Explore how your local area was impacted and responded to WW1 and WW2 as part of a Remembrance Walk, using our activity card (suitable for Company/Seniors).
  • Create Remembrance Handprint Poppies and learn more about the importance of the Poppy and Remembrance using our activity card (suitable for Anchors/Juniors).
  • Encourage members to create a Remembrance Garden (i.e. create remembrance crosses and/or poppies to go in the garden) at your meeting space (where meeting face-to-face) or at home (where running virtual sessions or #BBatHOME activities).
  • Your Act of Remembrance – Use Zoom, Facebook or another platform to host an Online Remembrance service – click here for an outline service.
  • Get in touch with your local RBL or Legion Scotland about doing an online interview with a local veteran or someone currently serving to discuss what service and sacrifice means to them.
  • Check out learning/educational resources available from the Royal British Legion and Poppy Scotland.
  • Watch part of the clip from Piers Morgan’s Life Stories – Captain Sir Tom Moore, who reflects on his experience and the importance of remembrance (suitable for Company/Seniors).
  • Use the RBL’s Break your Silence video as part of encouraging children and young people to observe the two minutes silence (suitable for Juniors/Company/Seniors).
  • Encourage donations to support the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal or Poppy Scotland Appeal.

With so much happening across the country to mark Remembrance we encourage you to post and share your events on social media to @theboysbrigade and use hashtags #WeWillRememberThem  #EveryPoppyCounts  and  #BoysBrigade.

A template press release (.docx file) is available which you can download and update with your own details to send in to local press, community pages or use on your own websites.


Remembrance On Your Doorstep

We’d love to see children and young people get involved in our ‘Remembrance On Your Doorstep’ initiative, by getting a parent/carer to take and share a photo of them on their doorstep in uniform, marking Remembrance in their own way (e.g. by saluting, showing a piece of poppy art etc).

You can share their photos on social media to @theboysbrigade and by using hashtags #WeWillRememberThem #EveryPoppyCounts and #BoysBrigade.


Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Should young people be attending Remembrance Sunday Church Services?

Leaders are encouraged to speak to their Minister/Chaplain about arrangements for Remembrance Sunday. As whilst some Churches will be meeting face-to-face on Remembrance Sunday, it is likely that attendance will already be close to or at the maximum capacity that the building can accommodate based on following current guidance. It is therefore advised that BB members are not encouraged to attend in-person but look to participate in alternative acts of remembrance. For example, where your Church is also meeting virtually could an invitation be extended for BB members and their families to join the service online. Alternatively, could you make arrangements with your Minister/Chaplain to hold your own Service of Remembrance? Where inviting young people to attend online public events please ensure that safeguarding protocols are in place (i.e. minimum of 2 leaders before any young people join).

Are any local community/civic parades or services taking place and should BB members attend?
The government has provided advice for councils and local authorities on how to ensure that those hosting local Remembrance events can do so safely. Measures include reducing numbers, focusing attendance on those wishing to lay wreaths, and observing control measures such as social distancing.

Companies should follow local guidance issued by Council/Local Authority/RBL/etc and where events are taking place it is expected that only a small number of representatives will be able to attend. Leaders should request copies of risk assessments for the event and ensure any participation follows current BB guidance. In no circumstances should BB members form part of parades or large gatherings.

Is the National Service of Remembrance in London taking place?
Around 10,000 people usually gather at the Cenotaph each year for the National Service of Remembrance and the two-minute silence at 11 AM. This year, for the first time in history, the event will be closed to members of the public in line with the latest medical and scientific advice. Even though we are unable to attend this year, The Boys’ Brigade has been invited to send a wreath which will be placed at the Cenotaph. The service will be broadcast nationwide on BBC1, ITV and Sky.

Can we still visit our local War Memorial?
Of course, BB groups are encouraged to consider ways that they can safely participate in Remembrance activities, the November face-to-face programme resources for Company/Seniors age groups includes an activity card Remembrance Walk which contains some ideas about how you could include a visit to a War Memorial as part of a Remembrance walk. Any such activities should follow current guidance and be sensitive to others around you at all times.

If you have any other questions…
Please contact us at support@boys-brigade.org.uk or call 01442 231 681.