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World Records & Murder Mystery results


World Records & Murder Mystery results

7th May

As part of April’s programme resources, children and young people have been taking part in two national competitions and the results are now in.

World Records (Juniors)

Juniors have been attempting to break some weird and wonderful world records and we now have our record holders for each category, with some amazing scores and times! 

  • Fastest time to create a 10 toilet roll pyramid – Jack (1st Cumbernauld) in 3.09 seconds
  • Number of Post-it notes on a face in 30 seconds – Robin (17th Nottingham) with 15 Post-its
  • Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds – Harry (1st Bridge of Weir) with 17 socks
  • Fastest time to arrange a chess board Noddy (1st Wymering) in 66.44 seconds
  • Most spoons balanced on a face – Jack (10th Enfield) with 36 spoons

Congratulations to all our record holders, we’ll be sending each winner a Guinness World Records 2021 book to help them target their next world records to attempt.

To find both of these activity cards as well as 100’s of other programme ideas, head to boys-brigade.org.uk/programme

Murder Mystery (Company & Seniors) 

Congratulations to 1st Ormskirk who hunted around Google Maps and solved the case in aimpressive 13:33 minutes. We’ll be sending a prize to the winning team to help celebrate the victory. Thank you and well done to all the teams who took part, every team who entered successfully cracked the case and found the guilty suspect.

Check out the full results below:

Company / Team Time Position
1st Ormskirk 13:33 1st Place
10th Enfield A 13:38 2nd Place
51st Birmingham 14:12 3rd Place
1st Roffey 15:45 4th Place
5th Livingston A 15:58 5th Place
14th West Kent A 16:14 6th Place
1st Blackburn A 16:23 7th Place
1st Kilbride 16:47 8th Place
2nd East Kilbride 16:48 9th Place
26th Leeds 17:27 10th Place
5th Livingston B 18:30 11th Place
8th Wigan 18:45 12th Place
2nd West Kent 18:53 13th Place
10th Enfield B 19:35 14th Place
1st Wymering 20:12 15th Place
14th West Kent B 20:41 16th Place
1st Lichfield 21:03 17th Place
11th Northampton A 21:12 18th Place
1st Dundonald 22:15 19th Place
1st Nottingham 23:02 20th Place
5th Glasgow B 23:21 21st Place
9th Southend 23:22 22nd Place
5th Glasgow A 24:35 23rd Place
1st Minster 24:56 24th Place
32nd Nottingham 25:21 25th Place
14th West Bromwich 26:45 26th Place
11th Kingston & Merton 27:03 27th Place
1st Minster 27:37 28th Place
1st Sittingbourne 28:30 29th Place
17th Teesside A 28:52 30th Place
1st Wootton A 29:50 31st Place
1st Wootton B 30:06 32nd Place
11th Northampton B 30:19 33rd Place
1st Blackburn B 30:39 34th Place
1st Thurso 31:32 35th Place
4th Bromley 31:42 36th Place
133rd London 31:47 37th Place
17th Teesside B 31:50 38th Place
8th Stirling 31:57 39th Place
25th Edinburgh 32:06 40th Place
1st Armagh 35:31 41st Place
2nd Bath 36:02 42nd Place
1st Oswaldtwistle 36:10 43rd Place
32nd Aberdeen 36:53 44th Place
1st Polmont 38:00 45th Place
37th Nottingham 38:31 46th Place
1st Wootton C 38:46 47th Place
130th Glasgow 38:54 48th Place
28th West Kent 40:41 49th Place
2nd Chelmsford 44:05 50th Place
1st Bletchley 44:18 51st Place
1st Oadby 45:10 52nd Place
1st Denton 48:20 53rd Place
1st Lindfield 57:56 54th Place
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