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#VolunteersWeek 2020


#VolunteersWeek 2020

5th June

It’s Volunteers’ Week – a week to celebrate, thank and recognise the amazing contributions that you make every week. The Boys’ Brigade, to put it quite simply, would not exist without you. On behalf of everyone involved with The Boys’ Brigade, we would like to thank all of our incredible volunteers for all that you do.

Thousands of you give your time so freely to support The Boys’ Brigade and to support our vision that children and young people experience “life to the full.” (John 10:10) This Volunteers’ Week, we wanted to hear your story. Specifically, we wanted to know “why do you do it?”

Time is the most precious of commodities; the world seems to continue to speed up and our lives continue to get busier. Yet, you continue to inspire us by giving your time, energy and skills so generously and in abundance.

And so we asked, why do you do it?


“I loved my time in The Boys’ Brigade when younger, and I certainly didn’t feel ready to leave.

“Whilst being a volunteer, as well as the extremely rewarding time working with young people, the organisation has given me so many brilliant opportunities to get involved with different things which I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

“Becoming a leader has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I can’t see The Boys Brigade not being a part of my life.” – Sam 



“Volunteering with the 135th Glasgow BB has given me the opportunity to be part of, and give back to, my local community. I enjoy helping the leaders provide activities that teach the values of faith, friendship and community.

“Especially during these times, I feel proud to be part of an organisation that has continued to provide young people with activities, support and fun!” – Bethany 



“I got involved in BB as a young person at my local Church. The initial pull to BB was the offer of free food – pizza specifically! What made me stay at BB was all the great activities and opportunities we got to take part in.

“Even though I was only in the BB as a young person for a few years, I really gained a lot from that time and so I became a leader, to give something back and ensure other young people would have the same opportunities I had.” – Kelechi



“I’ve been volunteering with The Boys’ Brigade for so long that I wouldn’t know how not to get involved!

“I’m motivated by the opportunity to make some sort of positive difference. In our BB Company, we pride ourselves on encouraging every boy to succeed in some way and that’s really what makes it worthwhile.” – Carol 


Martin (right)

“As Captain of the 4th & 5th Fraserburgh and Brigade Training Officer and STEM Ambassador for Buchan Battalion, I thoroughly enjoy leading, working and encouraging the young people and leaders in learning new skills and creating opportunities for them to learn, grow and discover.

“The Community Youth STEM Programme in collaboration with the North East Scotland College, Fraserburgh is a great example of the work going on in Buchan Battalion for the benefit of young people in the area.” – Martin 



“My own Boys’ Brigade journey started when I became a helper in the Anchor Section at the age of 15. I went on to complete my leader training and took charge of the Anchor Section.

“For me, The Boys Brigade allows me to combine two very important elements: sharing my faith and working with young people.  It is a real privilege to plan and implement programmes that motivate and stimulate young people each week whilst also building up positive relationships with them.  Working with our team of leaders has also been a great experience, as we support and encourage one another.” – Lorna 


We would love to know why you volunteer. Please share your story online in the comments or by using the hashtags #VolunteersWeek2020 & #BoysBrigade


A short ‘thank you’ video from just some of the 40,000+ children and young people that you’re supporting to learn, grow and discover through their Boys’ Brigade adventures.

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