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Still ‘Being BB’


Still ‘Being BB’

5th May

It has been 50 days since face-to-face Boys’ Brigade activities were suspended (16th March).

Although ‘normal’ activities have been suspended, our work with young people continues in new and innovative ways.

Although weeks have gone by since children, young people, and leaders have been able to meet together in person, our friendships and bonds of the BB family grow stronger as we face our challenges together.

Although we have seen uncertainty and anxieties reach new highs this year, we have also seen kindness, care, generosity, love, strength and hope reach even greater heights.

We have seen so much change for everybody who is part of The Boys’ Brigade family. But the actions that we have seen in response to these changes are as ‘Boys’ Brigade’ as ever. Those actions are inspiring. They show care. They show faith and they show trust.  ‘Being BB’ continues.

“The activities provided via #BBatHOME have really opened my eyes to the caring nature of The Boys’ Brigade. The programme has allowed our children to understand that the leaders are missing them and still care.”
Jannette, Parent

We have been particularly inspired to see how many caring actions have been carried out in recent weeks. It would take weeks to mention all of caring things that we have seen BB members do! This blog, however, highlights just a few of the many incredible things that you are doing to help others in these difficult times. Thank you for everything that you’re doing.

“William (1st Cumbernauld) has been making a fantastic contribution to his local community. William took it upon himself to organise a collection for Kilsyth Community Food Bank as part of his Queen’s Badge and DofE work. He wrote to all of his neighbours and had a terrific response. With 58 bags of food collected in the first week, he’s made a massive difference to his local community. Well done, William!

1st Tewkesbury and 1st Thurso have been busy creating craft & activity packs for their members and their local communities. 

“We are aware that in this lockdown many children and young families may find themselves with limited supplies of simple things like pencils, paper, colouring pencils and craft supplies. These are great for keeping children and young people busy and good for mental health.”
Johanna, Leader

44th Dundee decided to put their minibus to good use and have been helping a local charity to deliver food parcels to families in need of extra support during these difficult times. 

“It is sad to see the number of families who are in need of this help but heart-warming to see the smiles on their faces when you deliver the food.  I was walking away from one house on Friday when I heard a wee voice shouting  ‘Hey mister!’ and when I turned round a little girl at the door shouted ‘Thank you, you’re a nice man!’ and blew me a kiss. I am not ashamed to admit that at that moment I had a tear in my eye.” Bob, Leader

At 7th Northampton, brothers Oliver (11) and Alfie (9) shaved their heads as a fundraising event for the NHS to help support the fight against Covid-19. They set a target of £200 and have raised an incredible £719 so far. Well done and thank you to Oliver and Alfie! 

“We are very proud of Alfie and Ollie for taking it upon themselves to take the negative Covid-19 situation and turn it into an opportunity to do good. They have shown the NHS that they are thinking of them, care about them and are willing to do what they can to help, even if it did mean losing their luscious locks in the process.

“This situation is obviously tough for everyone but it has certainly highlighted how naturally caring young people can be. I don’t think they always know how big an impact they can have, but Alfie and Ollie have certainly shone light into the darkness and done themselves proud. Well done boys!“
Warren, Leader


Please keep sharing your stories online, and thank you for all of the inspirational stories we’ve seen so far!

Find out more about #BBatHOME by going to boys-brigade.org.uk/bbathome

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