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Recognising Achievement this Session


Recognising Achievement this Session

18th February

Things certainly haven’t turned out the way we would have expected them to at the start of the session, but it’s important that we continue to look for ways to recognise the participation and achievements of our children and young people this session.

This session we have all been operating in different ways, with many Companies running Virtual Sessions or using #BBatHOME Programme to maintain engagement with members. We want to encourage leaders to continue to use the existing age groups awards to recognise participation and achievement whether through participation in activities virtually, at home or face-to-face. So if you would normally present members with their Core Activity Awards (i.e. Bronze, Silver and Gold for Juniors) as well as Service Badge, Membership Awards and Project Awards at your annual awards night or display we would encourage you to look at ways which you can continue to do that this session. This would also be an opportunity to recognise the promotion of members from one age group to another.

“Due to the pandemic and not being able to meet at the Church, we started running Virtual Sessions back in September, and based on attendance and participation in these the majority of our members (across all sections) are on track to have achieved their badges by the Easter holidays after which we would usually hold our Awards Night. We are really looking forward to presenting the awards to each of them and seeing the big smiles on their faces (and some very proud parents!)”
Stephen Taylor, 4th London

Whilst it may be possible for us to return to face-to-face activities with children and young people in the coming months (dependent on local restrictions), it is unlikely we could bring together larger groups to include parents, family and other supporters to celebrate these achievements as we usually would at our Churches or the local school hall. So as head towards our ‘Awards’ season we would encourage you to consider how you could meaningfully celebrate the achievements of members with as many people as possible. As well as presenting armband awards we know many Companies will have their own awards for attendance, best boy/girl, etc that would also be presented on such occasions.

Last session we saw a good number of Companies holding virtual awards nights and displays, with children and young people, parents/carers, church members and supporters coming together to celebrate the achievements of the session. 

1st Tewkesbury Awards Night
“Awards Night 2020 completed, and what fantastic occasions the two events for Anchors + Juniors, and Company + Seniors were. Great to be joined by nearly 90 connections across the 2 separate Awards events, along with the brand new Mayor of Tewkesbury. #BBatHOME medals gained, new nights away badges awarded and promotions to new sections and new ranks made….with very nearly 100% attendance from all sections!”

There are lots of different ways you could do this, here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Virtual – Inviting members, parents/carers etc on to the video conferencing platform (i.e. Zoom/Microsoft Teams or Google Meet) will allow you to fully interact, and is a great way to host your Awards/Display allowing as many people as possible to come together. This could work in a number of ways with awards being distributed in a sealed envelope prior to the virtual awards so that as they are announced young people can receive their awards from their parents/carers. You can find advice on how to use Zoom at boys-brigade.org.uk/virtualsessions/.
  • Facebook Live – If you have a Facebook page perhaps you could use Facebook Live to announce and virtually present the awards. This could be followed up by leaders dropping off awards (following current social distancing guidelines) to the various recipients.
  • Pre-recorded Video – Leaders could record messages and virtual presentation of awards and post this on social media or share with members. This could be followed up by leaders dropping off awards (following current social distancing guidelines) to the various recipients.
  • Drop Off Awards – Leaders could individually make doorstep presentations (following current social distancing guidelines) to young people and ask them to share a photo with their award which you could later share with the wider Company.
  • Send Out Awards – Badges could be given out to members at a face-to-face meeting (where it is possible to do so) or sent out by post with you asking parents to add the badge on to their armband and send in a photo.

25th Stirling Annual Display
Last session the 25th Stirling Company held their Annual Display online, following on from the weekly Virtual Sessions they have been running for members during lockdown. But, they didn’t just announce the winners or present the awards virtually, but had a team out delivering the awards to the winners whilst the Display was being streamed LIVE on social media. They presented the awards on doorsteps across Dunblane and captured some great photos of boys and parents/carers looking very proud

If your Awards Night or Display is usually an event which showcases the talents of young people and leaders, why let this session be any different, encourage your members to send in videos of them showcasing their talents (singing, dancing, playing an instrument, art, sport), or encourage as many as possible to get involved with a collective video which could contain a message or involve everyone singing along to a song.

Don’t forget BB Supplies is operating as normal and you can order badges, certificates, medals, trophies and more online at shop.boys-brigade.org.uk/

You can also find out more about ‘Recognising Participation and Achievement’ including downloadable resources at boys-brigade.org.uk/recognising-achievement/

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