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Adapting Spring 2022 Programme Resources for Virtual Sessions


Adapting Spring 2022 Programme Resources for Virtual Sessions

6th January

We are aware that for some Companies the Spring 2022 term will continue to see disruptions due to local restrictions, availability of meeting spaces and/or potential leader shortages based on the need for individuals to shield/isolate.

We would therefore like to encourage groups that may not be able to meet face-to-face to consider going online with your programme, so that you can continue to engage with members at this time. Whether it is being prepared for a one-off session if a situation should arise, or if you need to go online for longer periods, there are a wide range of support and resources available to support leaders.

Spring 2022 Resources – Adapted for Virtual Sessions

We have highlighted 45 activities in the Spring 2022 programme which can be delivered online. To help you plan virtual sessions using the resources, we have put together a document detailing how you can adapt each activity and some tips in doing so. Please click the link below.

How To Adapt the Spring 2022 Programme for Virtual Session

Top Tips for Adapting Activities

Here are our top tips in running BB virtual sessions.

  • Keep it interactive – Keeping attention online can be hard work. It’s therefore important to ensure the activities you choose have good levels of interaction in them. This might be by playing games that use actions, quizzes that require answers to be shown visually or using Zoom functions such as reactions, annotate and more. We’ve shared some tips on increasing interaction in our adaption document above.
  • Shorter activities – Don’t be afraid to deliver shorter activities online than you would face-to-face. 2 to 4 quick 10-minute activities are often better received than doing one longer activity that takes up the whole session. We would also suggest reducing the overall time you meet to around 30-40 minutes.  
  • Use the technology available – Zoom has a wide range of functions included such as screenshare, sharing sound, annotation, polls and more that can all be used to boost the quality of your sessions.

Virtual session may not replicate the full experience of meeting face-to-face, but their use is still important. Many children and young people really appreciate the opportunity to see their BB friends and take part in activities, as well as giving leaders a valuable opportunity to show they care about their young people and help to keep those important relationships going during periods of time away from face-to-face meetings.  Virtual sessions really are worth the effort.

Signposting Resources & Guidance

We already have lots of resources and guidance available to help you to deliver online programme. Here’s a reminder of what is available.

  • 100’s of Virtual Programme ideas – Over the last 18 months we’ve produced hundreds of virtual ready activities. You can find these all on the Programme Hub – https://boys-brigade.org.uk/programme/virtual-sessions/
  • Virtual Session Guidance – If you’ve not used virtual sessions before or if it’s been a while, it’s worth checking out our guidance documents. These will help you to understand the practicalities of using Zoom as well as safeguarding considerations you’ll need to think of. Check out the guidance at https://boys-brigade.org.uk/virtualsessions/
  • Programme Team Support – Should you get stuck, have any questions, need some inspiration or just want to talk through some ideas, then please get in touch with us. You can contact the Programme team at programme@boys-brigade.org.uk or 0300 303 4454.
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