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World Record Breakers


World Record Breakers

Last Entry: 30th April 2021 (NOW CLOSED)


Think you’ve got what it takes to beat a world record? Let’s find out!

Juniors are invited to enter our World Records competition this March & April as we search BB groups up and down the country for the best of the best. We want to find the BB record holder for each challenge. There are five weird and wonderful world records to take on. These are:

  • Fastest time to create a 10 toilet roll pyramid
  • Number of Post-it notes on a face in 30 seconds
  • Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds
  • Fastest time to arrange a chess board
  • Most spoons balanced on a face

For full information on how to complete each challenge and the times / scores you need to beat, check out our Get Active: World Records activity card. You can attempt to do all 5 records or you can pick and choose the ones you want. Multiple attempts are allowed, giving you the opportunity to try and get the best time/score possible.

We’ll regularly update the results table throughout March & April, allowing you are able to see how close you are to beating the BB world record for each challenge.

Rules – all entries MUST follow:

  • Entries must be submitted by the end of 30th April 2021.
  • Open to Junior members only (8-11 year olds).
  • Forms must be fully completed with details including name, score, Company name etc.
  • World record attempts must be seen by a leader or adult (at home).
  • Rules for each record attempt can be found within the activity card and instruction sheet. These must be followed for an attempt to count.
  • Leaders (BB setting) or parents/carers (at home) are responsible for ensuring each challenge is completed in a safe way.
  • By entering this competition you give us consent to share any pictures provided and first names of entries online through social media and our webpage. Only first names will be shared.

If you have any questions, please contact programme@boys-brigade.org.uk

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