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Waltham Walk 2021


Waltham Walk 2021

Last Entry: 11th May 2021 (NOW CLOSED)

The Waltham Walk is a great way to try something new, get outdoors and challenge yourself. The event for 2021 will provide groups with an opportunity to take part in a competitive walk, competing against teams across the country, whilst staying in your local area. The event takes place on Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd May.

What is the Waltham Walk?

The Waltham Walk, is an organised trek that usually takes place in Essex each May, involving navigating between checkpoints and competing in challenging incidents. This year the event is taking place as an ‘at home’ challenge where groups are encouraged to take part in their local area. The event will be competitive and can be carried out either on Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd May, which is the usual Waltham Walk weekend.

What Will it Involve?

Teams will participate in a hike of about 8 miles with two intermediate checkpoints (i.e. 3 distinct legs) which is determined by their leader, and pre-approved by the Waltham Walk team. Teams will also participate in 3 incidents at their HQ (or start/finish point) as well as completing a photographic treasure hunt whilst out on their walk (incidents and treasure hunt to be set by the Waltham Walk team).

The competition is split into three age groups. (Ages are as at 31/08/2021)

  • TeeniTrek: Ages 10 – 12. Non-competitive, no team size and accompanied at all times by a leader.
  • Mini Trek: Ages 12 – 14, teams of 3-4.
  • Main Event: Ages 14 – 19, teams of 3-4.

How Do I Get Involved?

To enter a team into the competition please complete the form below. A separate entry should be submitted for each team. This will go straight to the Waltham Walk team who will be in contact with you with further instructions to help you prepare for the day. Entries must be submitted by Tuesday 11th May 2021.

To find out more information contact walthamwalk@boys-brigade.org.uk

Sorry, entries for the Waltham Walk are now closed.


Incident & Photo Challenge Instructions

For those that have entered to take part in the Waltham Walk 2021 you can find details of the Incidents and Photo Challenge below:

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