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Bug Traps

Bug Traps

What You’ll Need:

  • Yoghurt Pot / Plastic Cup
  • Trowel
  • Scissors
  • Leaves
  • Fruit

Getting into the Activity

Want to discover which bugs and creatures are crawling about in the dirt? Create a bug trap and see which bugs you can find.

Follow the below steps to create your bug trap. Learn how to set it in place and then take it home to catch your bugs.

  • Create the Trap: With the scissors, carefully make very small holes in the bottom of the yoghurt pot / cup. These need to be small enough to let rain water through, but not too big that the bugs can escape. You could also decorate the bug tap pot too if you wanted.
  • Learn How to Set it Up: Choose a good space for you trap (somewhere with plenty of plants would be ideal). Dig a small hole in the ground, roughly the size of your yoghurt pot / cup. Place the pot in the hole, so the rim of the pot is level with the ground. Inside place a couple of leaves and a piece of fruit (banana / apple etc). Make sure the items in the pot are at the bottom and aren’t too big that bugs can use these to escape. If meeting face-to-face, leave the bug trap set up for the rest of the session to see if you can catch any bugs in that time.
  • Take it Home: Finally take the bug trap home and set it up in a garden or similar. During the week, regularly check the bug trap and keep a log / take photos of anything you find. Make sure to release the bugs once you’ve logged them, so they can carry on exploring your garden.

Keeping Everyone Safe 

  • Activity MUST be supervised by a leader or parent/carer at ALL times.
  • A leader or parent/carer MUST assess risk before taking part.
  • A leader or parent/carer MUST ensure that current Government guidelines are followed at all times (including social distancing, travel etc).
  • Shared equipment should be kept to a minimum and everyone should sanitise their hands before and after the activity.
  • Take care with scissors.
  • Please safely remove bugs from the trap after you have logged them.
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