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Bark & Leaf Rubs

Bark & Leaf Rubs

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Crayons or Pencils
  • Trees & Leaves

Getting into the Activity

Explore the different shapes and patterns of leaves and trees by creating a colourful piece of art work from nature.

For both activities you will need a piece of paper and some coloured crayons. If you don’t have crayons, then coloured pencils work too – you just need to rub gently.

Tree Rubbings – Place the piece of paper over some tree bark, the more textured the better. Gently rub the crayons over the top of the paper, picking up the texture of the tree bark. Repeat this with more trees with different textured bark, and see what different patterns can be created.

Leaf Rubbings – Take a look around and find as many leaves as you can. Different shapes and sizes, from a variety of trees will help with this activity. To create your leaf rubbing, lay a leaf with its bottom side facing upwards. Place a piece of paper on top of that and then carefully but firmly run your crayon over the top of the leaf. The leaf’s outline and the details of the leaf should start to show. Keep rubbing the crayon all around until all the shape of the leaf is showing. Do a new leaf rubbing on a different part of the paper. Try using a different coloured crayon. How many different leaf rubbings can you do? What differences can you notice between leaves from different trees?

Keeping Everyone Safe 

  • Activity MUST be supervised by a leader or parent/carer at ALL times.
  • A leader or parent/carer MUST assess risk before taking part.
  • A leader or parent/carer MUST ensure that current Government guidelines are followed at all times (including social distancing, travel etc).
  • Shared equipment should be kept to a minimum and everyone should sanitise their hands before and after the activity.
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