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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Tell It – Company Section Conference

Thursday 23rd May 2019

This year the Company Section Committee launched a new Company Section Conference in the Northern Ireland District. Stepping out with boldness and faith they held ‘Tell It’ on Saturday 19th January 2019 at Newport; following in the footsteps of the Anchor and Junior Section Conferences which have been successfully running for many years.

The response was fantastic, with leaders from across the country gathering to think about the Bible and how we can ‘TELL IT’ to the young people we work with each week. The keynote speakers Rachel Tweedie and Sarah Coghlan from Scripture Union NI facilitated the conference throughout the day providing advice, tips and creative new ways to engage young people with the Bible. There was also input from Ashley Parks, from The Big House Ireland, an organisation that works with vulnerable young people, who want them to know that there is no difficult day, no dark experience that God cannot bring hope and life into!

Takeaways! Sharing their experiences of the conference, Leaders were saying “Be passionate…with the opportunity we have to tell the boys about the gospel”, “Be creative… with the programme and lesson”, “Use every opportunity to show them Jesus”. One Leader shared how they were leaving “refocused for the great challenge of God’s work in young people”.

The day was a real encouragement to the leaders who attended, leaving them challenged but having gained confidence to think about the Bible and how they “TELL IT” to their young people; in a way that will impact their lives. Now that was a great way to start 2019!

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