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Stronger. Safer. Together. A Framework for Returning to Face-to-Face Activities

Wednesday 12th August 2020

To support a safe return to face-to- face activities we have developed a framework in line with guidance issued by the Government and Youth Sector across the United Kingdom.

This framework applies to Companies in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and will support Companies in:

  • understanding the staged approach to returning to face-to-face activities
  • assessing hazards and risks related to Covid-19 and putting control measures in place for everyone to follow
  • completing the approval process to be ‘Covid-Ready’
  • clearly communicating with parents/carers, children & young people and leaders

Companies in the Republic of Ireland should follow separate guidance issued by Republic of Ireland District.

The framework should be used in conjunction with the latest Government and Youth Sector guidance (which will differ across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) as well as existing Brigade policies and procedures (i.e. safeguarding, health and safety, etc). The following documents form part of our framework:


Our Guidance will provide an overview of how the framework should be implemented including how to follow our ‘Staged Approach’ to returning to face-to-face activities. It will also provide guidance to support the planning of a high-quality programme that reflects the need to be able to keep everyone safe.

Company Action Log

This document is a checklist to help leaders ensure they have actioned everything necessary to aid a safe return to face-to-face activities.

Covid-Ready Risk Assessment

The template risk assessment needs to be reviewed and completed based on your local plans for returning to face-to-face activities. The template risk assessment identifies common hazards and the risks they present, with suggestions for control measures which could be put in place.


Ready-to-use activities for all age groups are being provided to support leaders in delivering face-to-face socially distanced activities alongside providing resources to support #BBatHOME Virtual Sessions where face-to- face activities are not possible. Leaders will also find a range of additional resources available online including sample letters, digital graphics for social media, press release template and posters.

All Leaders-in-Charge of Age Groups and Company Captains are expected to read the framework and guidance; and be involved in reviewing and completing the Company Action Log and Covid-Ready Risk Assessment.

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