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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Raising awareness of climate change

Friday 10th December 2021

Members of 1st Swansea Eastside took part in a 14 mile walk from their meeting space to Margam Abbey near Port Talbot, in an effort to raise awareness of climate change.

Rachel Bunting, a leader at 1st Swansea Eastside, said:
“Our walk was part of the relay walk to COP26, which also allowed us to link up with the Diocese and Christian Aid Cymru. We wanted our young people to be involved in something bigger and it gave us an opportunity to explain about what COP26 is, why Christians think the environment is important, and a bit about corporate responsibility. Our young people are really active and they enjoyed the chance to do something together, outside, that was a bit of a challenge!”

Inspired by what had happened in Swansea, the Wales District events team put together a community clean-up challenge which included an introductory devotional by the District Chaplain to share why it is important to look after the environment.

Several Companies have taken up the challenge and planned litter picks in their local areas. This included the Juniors at 2nd Blackwood along with their families, who collected 5 bin bags of litter from around their Church and the nearby river. The litter included some strange items such as a glowstick, old electrical plugs and a beach towel!

Whilst doing this they completed the ‘A Rubbish Adventure’ activity, ticking off items as they found them, as well as learning about how different types of litter can affect the wildlife. They were also able to hand out a couple of invitations to join the Company, as well as receiving a donation from a passer by who was thankful for what they were doing.

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