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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Prepare to the best of our ability, and trust on the Lord

Wednesday 21st August 2019

This year will be something like my 27th Session in BB, it’s nothing really, I know of two leaders (Ken Dunn of 5th West Bromwich and JP of 1st Yate) who have both retired recently after being in the BB for 75 years! I’m sure there are so many more I’m not aware of.

New sessions are always a little daunting. For young people there is so much to deal with at the same time, a new teacher, school year or even a new school. Whilst as a leader there’s all the planning that we do as we prepare for what is ahead – have we organised a good enough programme, will the youngsters return, whether anyone will want to go to camp next Summer and so on.

This year my family and I have huge changes too as we move from the town we have always lived in to South Gloucestershire, where I take up my new role as a Probationer Presbyter with The Methodist Church in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Circuit…a new home, new jobs and new schools for our children.

We all have our own challenges as we look towards the new session, even as an organisation, as we come to Brigade Council to vote on the constitution of the Executive, consider our finances and think about what might be ahead for The Boys’ Brigade.

It might seem completely daunting, but there is hope and light in all we do that keeps us focussed on what is important, the experience we offer to the young people we work with. This is especially true as we continue to explore how we can Raise the Bar and make best use of our new programme resources for the Under 11’s.

I’ve always been a fan of the opening words from John’s Gospel, ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.’ There’s a reassurance in these words, that no matter how worried we might be about what is ahead of us, we can find hope in the fact that God is already there, preparing the way for us. Our job, is to prepare to the best of our ability, and trust on the Lord to be there for us.

Every blessing for the session ahead as we continue to advance Christ’s Kingdom!

Rev’d Leigh A. Maydew
Chaplain, England

Leigh is a Probationer Presbyter in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Circuit of the Methodist Church after recently finishing ecumenical formation training at The Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham. Alongside this he is Chaplain to the England Region. In past years he has served as the West Midland District representative to England Region and a member of the Brigade Executive.

Leigh is married to Leanne and the couple have two children Josh and Poppy, Josh is looking forward to joining a new BB Company in September and Poppy looking forward to starting GB.

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