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Getting Into The Bible: Prayer Chains

Friday 17th February 2017

Knowing how to pray can be a challenge for everyone, especially children. What should you pray about often being a big question. Paper prayer chains can be great visual and fun way of putting a prayer together.

Pre-cut some strips of coloured paper ready for this activity. Explain to the group that we are going to make a prayer chain and that each colour represents something we should pray for.

Red – Sorry
Blue– Someone we want to forgive
Green– Thank you for…
White– The world
Orange– Please
Yellow– Other people

Get the children to write what they are praying for on each strip of paper, encourage them to write more than one prayer. If you don’t have different coloured paper, then just use different coloured pens. You could let the children make their own individual prayer chain to take home, or put them altogether to make one big chain to display in your meeting space or church.

Bring the activity to a conclusion by praying, you could mention some of the specific prayers or collectively commit them all to God.

Shared byJoe Harrisson, Northamptonshire Battalion

Getting Into The Bible: Prayer Chains

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