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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Getting Into The Bible: God’s Love – Jelly Babies

Thursday 27th July 2017

Put a bag of Jelly babies into a bowl and ask the children to take one each. Ask them not to eat it for now.

Ask them to identify the colours and flavours (red – strawberry, yellow – lemon, pink – raspberry, green – lime, black – blackcurrant, orange – orange). Ask the children if they picked a particular colour or picked it at random. Some of them will say because it was their favourite colour, others may say they like the taste best.

Highlight to the children that each Jelly Baby is unique. They are all different colours and made individually, each colour also has a slightly different shape (yellow has a necklace, green is crying, black has a heart on its belly etc). No matter what the colour or shape, they are all still Jelly Babies.

Remind the children that we are also different shapes, sizes, colours and nationalities, however we are all human beings. We are all made differently by God yet he loves us all the same. If a bag of Jelly Babies were all one colour / flavour, then it would be a pretty boring bag of sweets. The same can be said about us. If we were all the same it wouldn’t be much fun. God made us all different for a reason, but loves us all the same.

Explain to the children, that we are called to ‘love our Neighbour’, which doesn’t mean just the person that lives next door, but everyone. Ask the children to think about ways they might be able to ‘love their neighbour’ a little bit more. Could they be kinder to others? Help someone out?

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