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Get Out and About: Egg Box Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday 9th May 2017

A great activity with an egg box to get the children outdoors this summer.


  • Egg Box for each child
  • Print a Grid Sheet


Put together a list of items for the children to find and create a grid with one item in each square on the grid (see example). You could go with specific items or with textures (soft, rough, light, hard, bendy, sticky, smooth, etc). Print out the grid and stick it to the outside of your egg box, depending on the size of the box you will need 6/10/12/15 items. Another idea would be to pickup some paint colour cards from a local DIY store and give each child one and ask them to find something to match the colours (or as near as possible).


Take the children out into an open space or parkland for this activity and ask them to collect an item to match each item on the grid and place it in the corresponding space in their egg box.

Egg Box Image 1

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