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Get Creative: Tin Can Lanterns

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Get your young people create something unique, whilst also considering topics such as recycling.


  • Clean tin cans (filled with frozen water)
  • Nails / Screws
  • Hammers
  • Templates (if needed)


Before the activity you will need to collect tin cans, clean them and reduce any sharp edges. Once that is done you will need to fill the cans with water and freeze them ready for your meeting night.


Using a nail / screw and a hammer, you can create designs by gently hammering small holes into the can. This can either be done by free hand, or using a design stuck onto the can. If you are using a design, stick the template onto the can using tape and then tap holes around the outside of your design. Keep the holes close together for good results.

Once you have finished, let the water melt out of the can and then place a tealight candle inside to finish off your lantern.

Ensure the cans you are using have no sharp edges left, ring pull cans will work best. You should also ensure close supervision using this equipment.

Shared by Joe Harrison, 11th Northampton

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