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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Creative: Stop Motion Animation

Thursday 3rd January 2019



Download free app ‘Stop Motion’ from App/Play Store (you can use a normal camera but will require additional software to make the animation)

Stand for Smartphone

Items to use in animation

Set up the phone and place the items to be animated in front of the camera, this is best on a flat surface like the floor or a table and ensure the background is clear. Start the app and click new video. Take the first picture and then move the item a small amount. As videos normally run at 24 frames per second, you will need to move the item 24 times for every second of video you produce. Continually move the item and take a picture until you have finished your animation. The app will play back the animation.

You could take things further by not just moving the items but moving the phone in small increments to get a panning effect or zoom effect. Or completely move the camera to a different spot to get a full cut at a different angle.

Check out a clip created by members of 13th Bromley Company at bit.ly/2zHPRkr

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